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What Parents Say About Little Forest Montessori!

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Alma's Mom

Little Forest is a warm and lovely environment with caring and attentive teachers. It is beyond amazing to see how the teachers encourage and support our daughter’s development and creativity through age-appropriate activities. We feel very confident that our daughter is not only in very safe hands, but also in the hands of professional teachers that can guide her through her development. I can highly recommend Little Forest, and am excited for our baby son to start when he’s a little older.

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Blai's Mom

A high quality service, a beautiful space, and I love how they care about every detail!

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Dougan & Tihare

Noa's Parents

American Dad + Brazilian Mom = Spanish Kid.... right?? My wife and I have been living in BCN for 8-years now, building our businesses, adapting, integrating, and creating momentum. When the kid showed-up a couple years ago, all the normal paranoia began... Are we feeding her enough? Is that a fever or is she just constipated? What languages should we speak with her? Will she identify as American, Brazilian, Spanish.... (deep breath) Catalan?? The world is getting smaller, and yet we are in a moment of time where the divide between people, cultures, and ideas seem to be encountering greater uncertainty. We can confidently say that The Little Forest has been one of the best experiences of our time here in Barcelona. The educational team, the cohesion and camaraderie of the parents, the brilliant children... a mish-mash of cultural chaos that have all come together for the same basic purpose:  *To give these multi-cultural kids the best possible environment to explore and become who they are... and who they will be in the future.* After this first year with The Little Forest, we have no reservations in saying, "This is the ONLY School" we would consider sending our child, and future children, during this critical age of growth, experience, and learning. Our highest praise to the team, the directors, and the educators at The Little Forest... you have built a tremendous balance between love, guidance, and self-exploration.

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Manuela's Dad

A unique place for the education of our little girl.
Without a doubt, the love we have received from all the staff (Sandra, Valentina, Cristina...) has been incredible from the first day.
100% recommendable!!!

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Manuela's Mom

We love that our daughter is part of Little Forest! The caring and professional way in which the children are treated by each of the staff is incredible, and the peace of mind that comes from being able to trust that our daughter feels comfortable and happy from the age of 6 months.
The facilities together with the staff make it the perfect environment for our daughter to develop her skills and continue to grow day by day.
We can only say thank you!!!!

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Raphael's Mom

Our son is happy at Little Forest and it's not surprising because the whole team is very welcoming and loving, they transmit calm and security.
The Montessori pedagogy is reflected in the space, materials and attitude towards the children.
It is the perfect place where our children can continue to develop their autonomy and the pleasure of learning.
We thank you very much!

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Sebastian's Mom

As an American family with high standards for schools, we are extremely happy with Little Forest Montessori! The space is beautiful, clean and bright, the teachers are warm and loving, there is a high attention to detail, and they are constantly doing a lot of wonderful Montessori activities with the kids while teaching them to be independent. Our two year old son adapted quickly after moving to Barcelona from another country and is already picking up a lot of Spanish. We will definitely be sending our next child there too!

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Adrià's Dad

Little Forest Montessori is a wonderful nursery where children receive individual support necessary for their development. The staff is very professional, while being kind and caring. My son who goes there for over six months has made tremendous progress in his development. We do see these changes everyday when he comes back home. I would highly recommend Little Forest Montessori for anyone who wants their kids to be well taken care of, intellectually engaged and exposed to a multilingual environment.

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Ottavio's Mom

The Little Forrest Team created a wonderful, loving and inspiring place for little explorers. We couldn’t imagine a better kindergarten for our son. He loves coming here every morning, and has a big smile on his face as soon as he sees the kindergarten from far.

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Taiyo's Mom

Great place for my little explorer to spread his wings. Amazing people that organize his every day, friendly smiles, lots of activities, great installations. I can see my little guy bringing new skills back home, new words and new experiences. Thanks so much for what you do!!!

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