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Mission & Vision

First of all, let us break down the two and their meaning for us. 

Our mission states our core reason to be, why we are doing this, our core belief. Our vision underlines what we are aiming to reach, basically, how we are aiming to impact the future with what we do.

So, here we go…


Little Forest Montessori School’s Mission is to equip each child with the ability to emotionally, socially and intellectually face the challenges of the future world. We do so through fostering a strong community feel amongst the children, through tailor-made design of activities, games and adventures, and by compassionately guiding through each moment of their journey with us. We consciously and lovingly support the parents’ job to raise their children. 


Little Forest Montessori School’s Vision is to positively impact the future world’s society with its help to raise humans that demonstrate deep emotional and social awareness in the way they act and interact with society and nature.

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Little Forest Montessori's Values

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Day Care

Little Forest Montessori Space

Nature And Forests

Inspired by nature and forests, we have designed our daycare space with great attention to detail and loads of love. The idea of Little Forest Montessori is based on an actual forest community, where animals live in harmony and symbiosis with the forest and each other. 

The concept of symbiosis, of taking only what is needed and replenishing nature after, is rooted in our space and it is what we want to teach our little daycare visitors during their time with us. This does not mean that we are forcing an idealistic world view upon your children, it is more about helping your child to build an awareness for its environment in a creative and playful way.

Our space is a green, living environment, we have a huge variety of non-poisonous plants growing throughout the place, making it look a bit like an urban jungle, without risking your child’s health. Furthermore, we are growing herbs and veggies, in season, a playful way to understand the concept of mindful caring for a living being. Of course, this is also a possibility to train taste and smell of the young children.

When we expose children to different environments and various learning experiences, we allow them to explore their self-awareness and gain a sense of the world around them. Once they leave Little Forest Montessori, they’re fully prepared for the next stage of their young lives.

About Us: About Us
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