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Montessori Team

Caring & Dedicated

At Little Forest Montessori, we hire passionate, dedicated and caring teachers who are committed to making a difference in children’s lives.  Find out all about our team and family!


Sandra El Satri

Founder & Director

The idea of Little Forest Montessori first sparked in Sandra El Satri’s dreams long time back. Stemming out of her own self-awareness journey, she discovered what she truly was passionate about and made a bold step to leave her career in the fashion and retail industry behind and embark on her study of Emotional Intelligence.

During her studies she decided that working with young children, foster them and support their early-on development and education would be the best way to help grow emotionally aware little humans, that have all the tools at hand to master their future in the best possible way.

Out of her own vision to enrich the world with people that are better communicators, emotionally aware and have a deeply anchored social/emotional intelligence, she started to build what we know today as our Little Forest Montessori Daycare.


It is Sandra's priority to offer each single child the best education and support and all the attention needed. She shares her unstoppable drive and attention to detail with her young, specialized day care team.

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