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Committed to Quality

What you eat is who you are, that’s what they say, right? And in a way, this is true. It is scientifically proven that a balanced, unprocessed and healthy diet has a huge impact on your physical and mental state. Besides ensuring that we exactly know any specific dietary needs or food allergies of each of our children in advance, we plan all our meals consciously and with the help of a nutritional specialist.

Our meals are wholesome and perfectly balance all the nutrients your child needs. Yes, we love snacks.  In between meals, we make sure that children have the possibility and access to a range of healthy snacks, as well as drinks.


“It is all about being mindful”, at Little Forest Montessori we believe that we are lucky of having access to a wide variety of food, as a large majority in the world does not, therefore, we have introduced specific food preparation work shops with our children. In this way, they playfully get to arrange and prepare meals, while learning about the importance of food, nutrients and that food in a way also is a gift that we should all be incredibly grateful for.

Boy Playing with Abacus
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