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Adaptation Period

During the adaptation period, our primary focus is on creating a smooth transition for your child into our daycare environment. Recognizing the significance of this phase, we tailor our approach to accommodate both the child's and the parents' needs. While we recommend parents to be available during the first two weeks, we understand that work commitments may limit full availability, and we work collaboratively to find suitable options.

At Little Forest Montessori School the initial week of adaptation involves parents spending 1-2 hours each day with their child at our facility. This allows both the child and the parents to become familiar with the surroundings and our routines. As we closely observe your child's comfort level, we gradually introduce short separations when we sense that the child is ready. Our goal is to ensure a positive and supportive experience for your child, fostering a sense of security and ease during this crucial adaptation period.

Diverse Kindergarten
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