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Welcome To Our Green School!

Welcome to Little Forest Montessori School!
A green space in Poblenou for children from 6 months to 6 years old. 

We are pleased to have you visiting our webpage.
Here you can learn all about us, who we are, as well as about our unique way of educating our children.
And just a short heads-up, we are not your usual school.

Boy Playing with Abacus
Kindergarten Classroom
Diverse Kindergarten
Music Class
Day Care
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The Comfort Of The Woods

by Amos Russel Wells

I understand my comrades of the woods,
And they know me completely. Not an oak
But is my brother, strong, reserved, sincere.
Along the happy, peaceful forest ways
That wind so intimately through the trees
I hold a calm communion with my friends,
The pines and gentle birches. Day by day
Insensibly the bond is closer drawn
With beckonings of branches, waftitures
Of subtle fragrance, melodies of birds,
Flickers of sunlight on the level leaves,
A thousand sweet enchantments pure and good.

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